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the sand. >> goals are clear to stop the fire. >> we will not accept any conditions. they committed the aggression. >> ahosdemands iz-- ahosdemands they lift all attacks. the fighting led to another protest in san francisco. ktvu's noelle walker is there with what is going on now. >> reporter: the financial district is loud right now. this protest started a half hour ago on this side in front of the consulate here on montgomery street. protesters and you have a police paracade and on the other side people wave -- barricade and on the other side people waving flags. there are people on both sides of the boarder who have
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grown accustom to this. she moved here a year ago. i spoke to her via skype. >> i for the first time heard a siren and experiences in real time what it is like to be under attack. >> reporter: explosions once confined to the boarder are now happening closer to where she lives in central israel. >> you go with your hands on your head. you wait for the boom. >> reporter: he is watching the violence escalate. he made trips to the basin too. >> that is us with the boat. for several years he tried to break the blockade of gaza. >> the policy is to keep the
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palestinians homeless and poor. >> reporter: with friends on both side, it is sad to see it on the brink. >> i understand why both sides do what they do. and i think there is a better way. >> reporter: on that point they agree. >> we need to bring pressure on both sides to achieve a solution. >> i think it is hard for all of us. no one wants to live under harsh conditions. >> look from news chopper 2. this is happening right now. we have a few hundred people here on the sidewalks. if you are traveling in this area, it is reduced traffic flow through here but traffic is getting through. one of the organizers here from the protesters told me they will begin their march around 6:00 p.m. they might be marching to union square. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu
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channel 2 news. the woman who had an extra marital affair with former cia director david petraeus said she is devastated by the damage done. we have video of paula broadwell arriving home yesterday in north carolina with her husband and children. a friend says she said she regrets what she did is trying to move forward. the fbi is still investigating classified documents on paula broadwell's computer. >> sharing the drama in belize. john mcafee maintains his initance in the killing of his -- innocence in the killing of his neighbor. he announced a $25,000 reward for the real killer. authorities say he is only a person of interest but john mcafee claims police will kill
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him if they catch him. you will find his blog link by going to candlelight vigil for mark christopher gurries mc-- for mikhaila garrett. >> that is is her brother, he was a baby when she was kidnapped in 1988. at today's event they tied yellow ribbons to a tree in the parking lot where she was taken. the family has never given up hope that she will be found. coming up, ktvu's rita williams received a letter from the "speed freak killers" about the case. a fire at a russian river resort sends six to the hospital. it broke out at 3:45 that guerneville lodge. 5 people were treated.
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the 6th had burns on his shoulder. investigators say the fire began in one of the rooms and spread. there were 10 guests and two managers that time. workers at the port of oakland are set to begin a strike. they have been without a contract for 16 months. pixt lines go -- picket lines go up at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow they will target the airport and the port. we spoke with the port and they are not expecting any flights to be effected but operations at the port will be effected. . thousands of registered nurses are set to strike tomorrow. the california nurses association called a two day strike at sutter hospitals. this will be the second strike this month. nurses at two san jose
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hospitals operated by hospital corporation of america will also walk out tomorrow. they have hired replacement nurses. man arrested at oakland international airport for wearing a suspicious watch will not face charges. today the district attorney declined to file charges against john i am -- against him. he is an artist who made this watch and he was told that it was okay to wear on the plane. deputy accused of robbing a bank is out on jail. ktvu's david stevenson looked into this and is here with what he learned. >> reporter: we were first to report on the arrest of a sheriff's deputy at this jail.
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we learned today what may be ahead for him. there was no answer at the home today. the 36-year-old is the bank robber seen in this bank robber photo. he was arrested friday morning and charged with felony burglary -- felony and burglary. he made bail and left the jail. >> my expectation would be that an officer or a deputy who is unfortunate to have these allegations against him or her would be treated the same. >> reporter: he represents the san francisco deputy sheriff's association. >> i think the first thing that jumps out, identification and
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all those things. >> reporter: his finger prints were found on the demand note. the fbi has partial jurisdiction. the fbi says they will discuss who can present a stronger case. >> sometimes unfortunately again in my experience courts deviate and come down more harshly on officers based on a expectation that is higher than the public. >> reporter: reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a story of murder and robbery in san jose continues to take twists today as we dig for more details about the crime spree. ktvu's robert handa has been tracking down new information and is live with new pictures of the man on the run. >> reporter: we have talked to
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many people who knew the victim. they are glad there is new information about the suspect on the run and hopes it will lead to his capture. >> reporter: he misses his friend who he met 7 years ago. he was killed friday night by two men who carjack him at -- jacked him at this store. >> it is sad to see somebody like that go. >> reporter: the men just committed 4 armed robberies, including this gas -- including this gas stations. jonathan wilbanks of san jose was caught after a police chase. we shot video of the arrest that night. the other suspect is on the run. >> i really hope they find him and put it away. it is not fair. >> reporter: today the police chief released a sketch of the
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suspect who jumped out of the car. he is a 25-year-old african american, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds. they have put together a $20,000 reward. >> we know there are persons out there who may know the identity or the whereabouts of the suspect. >> reporter: police released photos showing how the gun shots hit a police car and a duty belt. the officer whose never stopped chasing the suspects were praised for their bravery. both on paid administrative leave. jonathan wilbanks faces murder murder and two counts of attempted murder. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. keeping the maker of twinkies from going out of business. a few hours ago a judge asked
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hostess to go into mediation with striking workers. this is in oakland. the request to mediate comes after the company requested permission to liquidate. mediation is expected to begin tomorrow. >> we are still standing here and we will see what happens. >> as we showed you at 5:00 p.m. on friday, customers are stocking up after hearing about the liquidation. two students awere victims of -- were victims of an armed robbery. investigators say a man with a gun took back packs and ran away. they are working on a sketch of the robber but so far it hasn't been available. new development in the kidnapping and robby of a -- robbery of a woman. pg&e is offering a $10,000
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reward. investigators say two men carjacked the woman on november 7. police say the two suspects tied her up and gagged her and then drove her to several banks and then they released her. more law enforcement officers were assaulted and killed last year than the previous year. 72 officers were murdered in 1211. two were from -- 2011. two were from the bay area. he was gunned down last year. and july of last year, he was shot to death trying to protect a friend from domestic violence. howard yaws is your job? -- hard arduous is your job? >> and i am back here at 5:20
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the recession was tough on most people but also had a silver lining for many in state government. arduous pay, ktvu's debora villalon looks at who has been raking in the money. >> reporter: you get arduous pay? >> no. just management. >> reporter: we asked about arduous pay. >> doing something haserts or above -- hazardous or above. beyond the hours. >> reporter: brings to mind a bomb squad. extra pay for the risk. or a hazmat team. why would administrators at unemployment headquarters reap more than a million dollars in arduous pay. >> times when you have emergency where i think you can
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make the case. >> reporter: edd says the emergency was the resuggestion, putting top -- recession pushing top staff to put in extra hours. >> reporter: is that why they get paid more? because they work more? >> i don't know what the rules are. >> they are creating their own emergencies by creating a fiscal crisis. and they are benefiting from it. >> reporter: supervisors who can't get over time tapping arduous pay instead. >> the fact they are doing the abuse is shocking to me. they should be representing us. >> reporter: employment development is one of many boosting pay by $1,200 a month. $5million over 4 years during a time most state employees were forced into furloughs. >> has to be evaluated by the
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management of our department and approved and documents. >> reporter: it must be on deadline or urgent, unavadable work -- unavoidable work. a million dollars in arduous pay, preparing annual state budgets. >> it is not uncommon. >> why are they getting paid extra dollars for doing their job when the state is broke? >> reporter: the premium was never meant for desk jobs when it began to comp state balfire -- compitate cal fire -- compensate cal fire. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the adjustment says 300,000 homeowners received benefits under the terms of terms of the
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settlement reached in february. the government, 49 states negotiated with five mortgage lenders. it added up to $26 billion for consumers. cisco says it is buying the cloud networking company for $1.2 billion. it is a privately held company. cisco will pay cash with the sale closing in the 2nd quarter of next year. the purchase is part of its networking and cloud strategy. wall street is reacting to the leadership of ceo of yahoo. two hedge funds disclosed they bought large steaks in yahoo.
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she is a former executive at google. stock closed up 50 cents a share today. that is an increase of 2.8%. coming up at 6:00 p.m., apple rebounds, the milestone it hit for the second time today. how to spend a san francisco muni budget wind fall squared off today. that hearing he said he wants the $6.7 million surplus to go to muni maintenance. broken down vehicles and other problems. he wants the funds to be used to hire more operators, new trains and maintenance. >> the people that use it actually be productive and get to work. >> there is no free lunch and kids have to learn that. >> youth can't work. they don't get a job if they
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are 8 years old. >> muni says there may be enough money to achieve both goals. representatives received a special award today that white house. >> next award goes to youth radio, provides training in media arts for under served teens. >> first lady michelle obama presented them with the award and give them hugs. it was showsen from 350 -- chosen from 350 organizations. >> how about that? congratulations to them. our weather now. bring a jacket if you are going to the game tonight. >> none of us are going. folks are already out there. stick is getting full. big game for the 49ers. weather looks great. great night for football. not that cold.
5:21 pm
50s. clear out there and partly cloudy skies. great football. blimp shot, bay area. beautiful evening as we head into later november. we have more rain in the forecast. here is a system i am tracking. you can see it, right, the spin around that. what we have is this system, far off shore, the main low, 730 miles off shore. this works its way in tomorrow night, right here, that brings showers to the bay area. northern california we have showers, you see those showers north of us. 90 miles north of here. they work south tomorrow. around the coast right now, no fog. fog free. as you can see here. no rain. tomorrow night, when i spin it, live radar, you will see green and rain showing up, especially the north bay, inland valleys. we will watch that for you.
5:22 pm
computer tomorrow, wet. temperatures right now 60s. at the stick 60s right now. there is the system. lot of moisture. looks juicy, all the dynamics, most of the dynamics, the weather, is going to go forth. here to here -- to go north. here to here. we will get rain. inch in some places. especially in the north bay. hills. to san jose, not as much. the modern for rainfall for tomorrow, the rain again, when does it start? starts late in the afternoon and early evening. the rainfall accumulations by midnight tomorrow night maybe up to an inch in the santa rosa area. south, san francisco, heavy. san jose, very light.
5:23 pm
when i come back, that was a modern for rain. we will run the model through and you can see where the rain will be and at what times. we will see you back here in a few minutes. >> thank you. new turn in a storty we reported last week -- story we reported last week. tonight who is issuing an apology and making a promise. >> and the ktvu ipad app ready to download, watch newscast, traffic and weather and breaking news live anywhere. uz
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. officials will consider new rules for homeless people who live in their vehicles. tomorrow night a committee will debate several plans. one calls for a pilot project to let people sleep in certain church parking loss. another plan -- parking lots. another plan calls calls for commute outreach. san jose catholic bishop is apologizing for allowing a sex offender to volunteer at st. frances cabrini catholic elementary school. he takes full responsibility and promised to make sure it never happens again. he says it was a failure that gave a permission letter to him to fallen tear at the festival
5:27 pm
for kids. they are investigating. the city of santa clara will -- santa clara valley transportation authority. the transit village would include apartments, shops and offices. the plan is opposed by residents who complain 2-4 story buildings would block their views and sun light. it has been more than 20 years since mikhaila gart disappear -- mckalea garrett disappeared. >> a massive effort begins in san jose to help families in need have a happy thanksgiving.
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food give away wrapped up its first day. ktvu's rob roth is live in san jose with how many of those aren't homeless or unemployed. >> reporter: here day one of the massive three day thanksgiving give away is wrapping up. but organizers say there is one problem, they need hundreds more turkeys by wednesday. people came all day long, volunteers here handed out free turkeys and boxes of groceries for struggling families. those who came almost all had jobs but they checks don't go very far. he came with one of his two
5:31 pm
children. >> paid off bills and rent and everything else and we have little left. >> reporter: they are expecting 4,000 families to come here between today and wednesday. that is a thousand more than three years ago. >> gas, rent, they are starting to pick up right now. so families that are just trying to stabilize are falling behind. >> reporter: among those is this woman who says it is hard to get ahead. >> i rent a room and i struggle. i am single. it is really hard. >> reporter: they need to come up with 600 more turkeys by wednesday so no one is turned away. this afternoon he drove up with 15 turkeys. those on the receiving end eare grateful. they are not sure -- end eare grateful. they are not sure what would happen if not. officials say they have begun
5:32 pm
collecting toys to help families celebrate christmas. reporting live in san jose, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> oakland families also received help. oakland police, and the outreach center and safeway provided 100 families with thanksgiving dinner. volunteers compiled the food and officers delivered the food on their break. it has been three weeks since superstorm sandy hit the east coast but the generosity of people willing to help continues. the american red cross says it raised $145 million in donations. 14million was just donated last week. the red cross is using the money to operate shelters and offer food, water and other supplies to victims. judge refused to set an execution date for robert fair banks. he is on death row for the murder of a san francisco
5:33 pm
woman. executions are on hold as a result of court orders challenging the method. the district attorney asked the judge to set an execution date with instructions to put him to death with a single lethal drug. the ceo of intel is leaving. paul otellini will retire after 40 years with the company. he has been the top man for the last 8 years. intel makes software. officials say they plan to look inside and outside the company to find paul otellini's replacement. facebook is defying a newspaper report that a top facebook executive is talking to yahoo about the two companies becoming search partners. facebook's statement says it is
5:34 pm
working to improve search functions on facebook but there are no talks to form a partnership. a committee sent letters to all 50 state boards of pharmacy. contaminated pain injection has been blamed for a meningitis outbreak. 34 people died and 500 became ill. new push to make testing for the aids virus common as cholesterol checks. they are suggesting new screenings. the panel recommends americans 15-64 be tested for the virus once. the centers for disease control pushed for widespread routine hiv testing.
5:35 pm
how the cap sizing of a boat that was set to compete in america's cup could alter the way the race is held. >> and a dier situation, why californians quiche dier situation, why which -- dier situation, why californians could have their benefits cut off before the end of the year.
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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michaela garecht has been
5:38 pm
missing for 24 years since she was kidnapped in hayward. some think the so-called "speed freak killers" may be had something to do with her disappearance. one of the "speed freak killers" sent rita williams a letter. what did the letter say? >> reporter: this is that letter i received from wesley shermantine on death row. he says he has been labeled a rat snitch for pointing the finger at his former partner. >> if she is alive, out there, she needs me. >> mother's love just as strong today as it was the last time she saw her daughter michaela garecht. >> jud: 24 years -- >> 24 years since michaela garecht was taken from this very spot. >> reporter: 24 years and the disappearance still eats at the gut of police officers. this anniversary vigil was
5:39 pm
bittersweet as they await dna of a child's bone found in a well with the remains of other victims of 1/2 of the "speed freak killers" loren herzog. >> i can't believe this is it. and yet i know it might be. >> reporter: today i showed the investigator i got from the other half of the "speed freak killers" wesley shermantine. >> the thing about wesley shermantine, he produced results. and therefore can't be ignored. >> reporter: loren herzog bears a strong resemblance to the sketch of michaela garecht's kidnapper. there was a palm print on her scooter. wesley shermantine writes he feels bad for michaela garecht's mother but quote, i had nothing to do with her daughter. he believes loren herzog killed michaela garecht and told
5:40 pm
police to look in wells nearby. you can bet 100% wells in that area hold victims. >> reporter: you are not searching any well sites in the area? >> no, no. >> reporter: but they might depending on what they learn, whether the bone being tested is michaela garecht. >> reporter: a mother's heart ache continues. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. america's cup officials are considering smaller catamarans. this comes after last month's accident on the san francisco bay. team u.s.a.'s boat flipped. the boat is built for speed but some people wonder if the boat is just too big to handle. they are rushing rushing to
5:41 pm
complete repairs for the finals. new pressure to extend federal unemployment benefits. the benefits are helping 2 million people who have been out of work for more than six months. unless congress passes an extension the benefits will dry up 4 days after christmas. a think tank says it was only supposed to be temporary. >> we are borrowing this money to pay the unemployment benefits. >> the federal extension of unemployment benefits was something passed in 2008. forget black friday, lines are starting to form on thanksgiving. how are small retailers protecting themselves or do they need to? >> i am back here in 10 minutes, nice day today, clouds are thick, you will need
5:42 pm
umbrellas again. i will let you know when the rain starts and when it ends.
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5:44 pm
black friday sales are starting earlier and earlier and some are opening now on thanksgiving. what about small stores? what are their plans this season? ktvu's jade hernandez is here with why they won't be opening early like the big stores. >> reporter: that's right. it is easy to compare. the line-ups already started to
5:45 pm
form here. 4 days before thanksgiving. but something like this isn't what some smaller stores yearn for. and there is a reason. >> reporter: they cater to the little ones. >> the people that will be shopping at target will be focusing on, you know, big electronics. >> reporter: that isnot what he is doing. her policy hinges on sticking to tradition and keeping black friday the day after thanksgiving. >> that is how we will have a better economy is honoring the time to come together and be a family and believe in the values we support. >> reporter: both managers agree the big box chains can duke it out, saying consumers should want to buy local.
5:46 pm
a move that would help small businesses. >> we hire local people. >> reporter: we found him bucking the system. he is a small owner glad to welcome thanksgiving day customers. >> i will stay open till 3:00 p.m. we have a lot of things that people will be happy to see. >> reporter: his sales are up 9% this season, which means he just has to make sure he has enough to make it through the holiday season. >> reporter: we also found stores with signs reminding customers they will be closed on thanksgiving. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the national labor relations board could rule tomorrow on wall administer's complaints unions are inaging
5:47 pm
in unfair -- engaging on unfair labor practices. the union called on workers not to show up for work the day after thanksgiving. wall administer says the effort is illegal. if they rule in favor of wall administer it would seek an injunction. 147 million americans will shop over the thanksgiving weekend in stores and online. stores are gearing up early for buyers. some plan to offer deals thanksgiving day. on wall street today, dow added 207. nasdaq 62 points. s&p rose 27. there is a study that links job loss to heart attacks. researchers say people who are unemployed during their life could imn crease their -- increase their risk of heart
5:48 pm
attack by 35%. the risk is the highest during the first year of unemployment. but that multiple job losses could create a risk factor that is equal to smoking and diabetes. americans appear to be back to using credit cards again. the average credit card debt this year was under $5,000. that is an increase of 5%. the rate of payments over due by 90 days also grew. files show the fbi kept close tabs on his daughter after she defected to the united states in 1967. the fbi was interested in how her defection effected international relations. she died last year at age 85 in wisconsin. research suggest people who
5:49 pm
have been drinking alcohol are more likely to survive traumatic injuries. they studied data from hospital patients. if they could understand the effects of injuries they could use drugs that mimic alcohol. small may speed up cognitive decline in seniors. they compared information about their mental skills to maps on air pollution and they found people who lived with the highest pollution had lower scores on mental test. the decline was three years faster. we are catching a break from a series of storms.
5:50 pm
let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> timing this one out, there is rain tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, into had evening hours. you know, this is november. this is when we get rain. if this wasn't happening we would be freaking out. the rain is coming. we had a brush over the weekend and last week. the system i am tracking, right now it is working in the northern part of the state, the rain is coming down. you can see the showers. showers on the sacramento radar, davis. fairfield, davis, fairfield, yeah, davis as well. might be light stuff. the atmosphere is moist. mild day today. temperatures tomorrow, mild again. another kind of warm day. the clouds increasing. tomorrow morning, noon time, 1:00 p.m., the north bay will get this front, what i showed you, it will sit over it.
5:51 pm
the north bay will get rain before we see something. totals could exceed an inch of rain. right down, noon time, in the north bay. not a big deal. forward. 6:00 p.m. barely moves. as we sit there between 1:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 5 hours, raining. the roads will be wet. 6:00 p.m., watch what happens. drives into the bay area. takes 4 hours to get from here to here. that is a stalled out front. this could produce a lot of rain, up to an inch of rain. we get wet around 10:00 p.m. and the rest of the bay area over night. big storm? no. significant rainfall? yeah. the rest of us, if we see, you know, 5/100, that will be lot.
5:52 pm
most of the rainfalls out north of san francisco. what we will do, there is your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, tonight at 6:00 p.m. i will have another look at the model, and then at 10:00 p.m. we will have the latest update as well. tomorrow night, over night. >> thank you. a land mark california law could face a big legal challenge. also san francisco moving forward with plans to build an arena for the golden state warriors, the big step the city took today.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. the awareium is morning the -- mourning -- aquarium is morning the death of a sea otter. she was the first to raise a pup that aquarium. she was rescued in 2001. she began having seizures but they are investigating the cause of her death. california egg producers are trying to block a law that regulate chicken cages. it requires chickens stand up and stretch their wins without touching the walls of the cage. they argued the law is too vague. it is not clear whether all the chickens mutt be able to --
5:56 pm
must be able to stand at the same time. the city of san francisco announced a labor deal with the golden state warriors in their efforts to build a new arena. mayor ed lee outlined an agreement in which the warriors would hire union employees, that would include the 5600 construction ajobs to build -- construction jobs to build it and the 1700 permanent jobs add the arena. >> the golden state warriors will also do something as significant as making sure that all of the current employees at oracle arena in oakland are extended jobs on this new arena in san francisco. >> the city hopes to have the team playing in the new san francisco arena by the 2017 season. accused of one of the deadliest school shootings in history, coming up, the mind of
5:57 pm
the gunman in the oakland internationalie -- in the oikos university massacre. >> the words of caution regulators shared today about chevron's plan to get it up and running as soon as possible.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news -- complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> chevron gave the bay area a progress report on its efforts to get the refinery back online after the explosion and fire. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with the controversy surrounding the repair work going on there. >> reporter: chevron is doing everything it can to get back to full capacity but the question, do they have the right permits and are they going to use the right materials? >> reporter: none of the many investigations stemming from the august fire is complete yet, including chevrons. >> we began our own investigation which is not complete. >> that worries others. >> we have already got evidence the city has

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